Senior Recital Acknowledgements

In promotion of my forthcoming Senior Recital, I want to share a couple of things, particularly for anyone who won’t be able to make it out. My program notes will be next, but first up, my “Special Thanks,” which is printed on the back of my programs:

“I owe a great debt of gratitude to a multitude of people.

I thank my amazing wife, Jennifer, for her tireless love, dedication, sacrifice, and support. To her and my incredible son, Devin, I love you both so much.

To my family for their constant support and encouragement (emotional and financial): my loving parents, Charles Cooper and Leslee Scopick, my awesome in-laws, Charles and Cinthia Sipes, my step-parents, Susan Cooper and Rick Scopick – thank you all so much.

Thanks to Dr. Eleanor Elkins for her enthusiastic work as my accompanist – it is always a pleasure to work with you.

A special thanks to Gary Doherty, my high school band director, who is responsible for me falling in love with music in the first place, and for me wanting to pursue my career as a music educator.

To the teachers who have had a meaningful impact on my musicianship and character, which include: Edward Surface, Lance Flisowski, Aaron Lovely, Scott Roeder, Will Ludlow, Cale Self, Donald LeFevre, Reginald Houze, Daniel McCloud, David Scott, Stephen Emmons, Jeff Womack, Constance Kelley, John Irish, Tomothy Bonenfant, Kevin Lambert, Pamela Lee, and everyone else who has touched my musical life whom I may have left out – thank you.

Also thanks to Jaxine Boling for her help over the years.

A sincere and special thanks to the brothers of The Epsilon Kappa Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi – I wouldn’t have made it through my first two years at ASU without the brotherhood, and my time as an officer was incredibly worthwhile. Thank you for your brotherly love and support, and for your contributions to tonight’s recital. AEA!

And thank you to everyone in attendance. My primary goal was never to get a passing grade, but rather to be a contribution by entertaining you with a worthwhile musical experience. I hope you enjoy the show!

To everyone who has made an impact on me – thank you so much!”

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