DimmDrive Software Review

DimmDrive Software Review – Is DimmDrive Program A Good Software? Is It A Scam? Have any Experience? Read DimmDrive Software Review First.

Product Name : DimmDrive

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DimmDrive Review:

Do you know that sometimes our Pc will get slow to download or load games or any other program? Do you know for what reason it is happening to our Pc? Don’t DimmDrive will be the right solution to keep your system fast and it will save the downloaded games in Ram and afterward it activated to Hard disk. Because DimmDrive can assign the maximum amount recognized for your computer, up to 256 GB in Windows 8 Enterprise and Professional. It really speeds up your game when loading data from disk. It works on games and any other programs. So no need to get tensed or frustrate. Enjoy your time with DimmDrive facility in your Pc.

About DimmDrive:

DimmDrive is the only RAM disk software which built specifically for the game. It is an Integrated steam with the largest platform for the PC gaming community. It includes custom settings and synchronize your saved games on your hard drive and vapor cloud too. While other programs restrict the full use of RAM modules for its own brand, DimmDrive can assign the maximum amount recognized for your operating system, up to 256 GB in Windows 8 Enterprise and Professional. Also, if your PC contains a relatively slow hard drive, you can further boost system performance with Turbo Mode DimmDrive USB3.

This varies depending on the system. It has proven in 4 system with $ 1k systems benching systems over 7000MB / s, to $ 4k + systems that reach 11,000MB / s. It had reports of users able to hit 14000 MB / s! The gaming platform is around 8500 MB / s to 9000MB / s and highly who dare to reap the benefits. DimmDrive was built incredibly efficient, and as such, it only support to date 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10!


Features Of DimmDrive:

  • It has maximum allocated memory and it saves game synchronization.
  • DimmDrive automatically integrates with steam.
  • It was built specifically for players by players.
  • This easily allows for any game very quickly.
  • This makes the games load quickly and play.
  • It also works on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, etc.,
  • It allows USB flash drives.
  • It has dragged and drop support for any game or program

How DimmDrive Works for Us?

Without DimmDrive:

Whenever the game needs new assets (that moves to a new level, increasing viewing distance, etc.) that load slowly from HDD into RAM, and then uses the data and discards that when no longer required. When saving games that are saved directly on the hard drive, which generates more timeouts.

With DimmDrive:

DimmDrive creates a virtual drive and preloads it every game assets into the RAM. Whenever your game requires files that load quickly drive RAM, reduce or even eliminate load times. Data is never discarded, allowing the game to reuse rather than loading it again. Instantly saved games are stored on the RAM drive, which is then synchronized with the hard disk without compromising your game and that protects you from data loss in the event of an unexpected shutdown.


Plus Points:

  • Your Steam games are automatically loaded into DimmDrive, making them easy and quick to allow lightning fast load and play.
  • You can drag any application or game through shortcut and drop in DimmDrive.
  • You can use any program including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and any game!
  • DimmDrive put the game files into the RAM, which dramatically increases your loading times in the game and reduce the mismatch.
  • DimmDrive can use any amount of RAM, 256 MB to 256 GB.
  • You can customize the amount of RAM that you want to use, which the game files or program you want to load into the RAM, and more!

Minus Points:

  • It doesn’t work without the internet, so keep your network to switch on.
  • If you don’t read or follow the instruction properly, you may get some other error to activate it.


Final Verdict:

I strongly suggest this software to each and every user, because it have a lot of benefits to support your Pc and it works very well on any stream. Already it has been used by thousands of hundreds of users all around the world. If for any reason within 60 days if you are not satisfied for any reason please contact the customer support for a full refund no questions asked. I’m Sure that DimmDrive can make your PC games run up to 2000% faster than your HDD. So don’t miss this offer, Get it earlier…


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